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Possibilities Ministries Inc. (PMI) exist to combat hunger, homelessness and hopelessness by providing services and essentials necessary for independent living.

These services are available through the programs of Feed My Sheep, Elder Care Services, Shelter Days, Possibilities In Action and the Storehouse Resource Center and Worship Center.

  • Storehouse Worship Center

    Christ tells us in the bible, "there is far more to your inner life than the food you put in your stomach." At the Storehouse Worship Center, we recognize that the spiritual resources that are provided in God's Storehouse are available to us all. These spiritual resources ultimately provide everything that we could ever need.

    Sunday Morning Worship @ 10am

    Discovering Possibilities Bible Study Wednesday Evening @ 7pm

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  • Storehouse Resource Center

    Program services are available at the Storehouse each Wednesday afternoon and the 3rd Saturday morning.

    Resources Provided:

    • Emergency food and groceries

    • Beds and Bed linens

    • Household furnishings

    • Utility Assistance

    • Rental Arrearage Assistance

    • Information/Referral resources

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Program Services

  • Feed My Sheep

    Feedin and clothing the population of homeless living on the streets of Brockton.

  • Elder Care Services

    This program helps to elimate the difficult choice for low income seniors between food, fuel, or medications by providing utility and monthly grocery assistance.

  • The Storehouse

    Through vibrant, exuberant praise and worship annointed, powerful preaching and teaching, hope is found in many lives are transformed at the Storehouse Worship Center.

  • Possibilities In Action

    PIA as a community outreach program, allows us to take our faith to the world with a focus on local and international needs.

  • Shelter Days

    Shelter days occurs periodically throughout the year. The primary goal is to provide shelter residents with necessities they neeed.

  • Assistance Referral Form


    To receive assistance please download the complete the form. Once completed, bring the completed form to the Storehouse and please retain a copy of the completed form for your records.