Possibilities Ministries Inc (PMI) is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization whose mission is to serve the homeless and help those in need by providing services and essentials necessary for independent living as well as transitioning from homelessness. Our focus is on the communities of the South Shore, primarily Rockland and Brockton.

Founded in the year 2000 by Rev. Dr. Sharon E. Williams, and incorporated in 2005, PMI is funded by local businesses, churches and individuals from surrounding communities and all across the United States.

PMI is managed by an all volunteer Board of Directors and with the help of a small staff and a number of willing volunteers, we have been successful in providing help to thousands of receipients over the years.

While living in Rockland, in the year 2000 our founding president Sharon E. Williams transitioned to a new church home in Abington, MA and she began to think about the needs of the homeless population in that community. Feed My Sheep was the mandate given to her in that year and once she learned of the great need in Brockton, the only question she asked God was how do I do that? And his answer was "give them a lunch.".

Lee Week's a friend of Sharon, had a mobile ministry to the homeless in Brockton. Lee invited Sharon to ride along with her team to learn the ropes regarding the homeless. This was a one-time training experience that led to the formation of the Feed My Sheep ministry, which was the prelude to Possibilities Ministries Inc.

Are you hungry? Would you like a lunch is the question we asked Wayne who was sitting on the ground with his head down and his back against Nemo's pub. Wayne was the first homeless man we met in Brockton. From then on, lunches were distributed to the homeless every other Saturday morning for the next 17 years. Initially Feed My Sheep consisted of one other person besides Sharon, but within a few months, Steve Mendonza a founding board member, expressed an interest in helping out and joined the ministry at that time.

The decision to incorporate the ministry was made in the year 2005, while visiting the home of her sister and brother in law Jesse and Brenda Herron. It was there, Sharon shared her desire to make Feed My Sheep a 501c3 independent non-profit entity. Jesse went upstairs and came back down to the kitchen with a check for $500, the exact amount needed to file the corporation papers, and said to Sharon "we believe in you and we believe in the call of God on your life." Possibilities Ministries Inc. was birthed.

J. Lee Grady the former editor of Charisma magazine prophesied over Sharon's life stating the ministry would evolve into a multifaceted ministry, and it's going to have branches on it going out into about 7 different directions. "Because it's about restoration, it's about transformation; it's not just about healing and getting people up off the street, but about turning them into an army. And it's about transforming communities."

The 2nd arm of the ministry, Possibilities in Action quickly evolved in 2007 with Christmas gifts to the homeless and Thanksgiving baskets to those in need. In 2010 Elder Care Services a ministry which helps low income seniors with their monthly groceries and utilities, was formed as the 3rd arm of the ministry. That same year the 4th arm of the ministry came along as Sharon began holding a Bible study in her home. Discovering Possibilities Bible Study originated out of the need to encourage other believer's they too could tap into and believe the unlimited possibilities found in God's word.

As the ministry continued to grow it began to take over Sharon's home. In 2012, Sharon came home from work on a Wednesday afternoon and fell down on her knees and began to pray for the will of God to be done concerning the ministry. Three days later we rented a building within the community of Rockland, and the 5th arm of the ministry the Storehouse Resource Center (a place to get what you need when starting over from homelessness) and the Storehouse Worship Center (a church which focuses on restoration and transformation) were created.

We have come a long way since the original assignment from God to give them a lunch in 2000, and a ministry was born that has served the homeless and helped those in need for 22 years.

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P.O. Box 382
27 Market St. Rear
Rockland, MA 02370

Phone: (339) 788-4663
Email: info@possibilitiesmin.org
Web: www.possibilitiesmin.org

Program Services

"With God All Things are Possible". Matt 19:26b

We see the Possibilities, not the obstacles, in all things, and we work to share that belief with those who are in need and with everyone we meet.